November 14, 2009

The Foo Fighters Greatest Hits

Under the incredible pressure of Brad bugging me, I've buckled and decided to contribute creatively to this blog once again.

An album that as recently caught my attention is The Foo Fighter's new Greatest Hits, recently mauled by Brad, who apparently judges records solely their its artwork. Being a huge Foos fan, I quickly snatched this album up, played it over and over again and finally got sick of it and dropped it for my new Tom Petty Greatest Hits. This was not due to my short attention span as much as swiftness with which I realized how sick I was of their over played now almost generic hits. This isnt a reflection of Dave Grohl's musical skill, but, quite frankly, theres only so many times you can listen to "Best Of You" before you get really bored with it.

Whille still worth the money, the album isnt really anything special.

6/10 Stars
Highlights: New track "Word Forward", Acoustic "Everlong", DVD of music videos

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